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Scott is a conservation and wildlife photographer, based on the Staffordshire and West Midlands borders in the UK. He is published regularly in world image magazines and newspapers, and his images have been awarded in many competitions, as well as regularly giving talks about his work. He is an active contributor to conservation charity Arkive.org. Scott, is the founder of Wild Exposures Ltd, a proud father, an Aston Villa fan and is married to his best friend Claire.

Where it Began
Scott began wildlife photography in 2013 after a passion for the natural world and a family history of photography. Previously an avid fisherman, his knowledge of wildlife and fieldcraft, gained whilst growing up on a country estate, is a handy tool to try and get the best from photographing wildlife in it’s natural surroundings.

Armed with a basic Canon camera and 500mm telephoto lens he pursued his quarry around the local cannock chase area, on a constant learning curve, taking photographs of virtually anything that moved. During this period Scott met his mentor and respected local photographer, Derek Lees, who took him under his wing and showed him most of what he knows today regards using a camera correctly.

Where it is Today
Today, Scott likes to focus on a subject for a period of time and try to build up a catalog of images from that project. Mammals and Birds of Prey are one of his favourite subjects, to get out and learn about while the shutter clicks away.

Scott is lucky to travel worldwide photographing, leading tours and undertaking conservation projects, whilst running hides and workshops back home in the UK, which can be viewed atwww.wildexposures.co.uk.

Scott is available for worldwide photography assignments whereby he will work to a brief, both using self initiative or under editorial guidelines. If you wish to enquire further please contact us for further details.

Working for a better future
As a contributor to Arkive.org, Scott hopes his photos will help promote conservation of the natural world and show the amazing world around us.

He is very passionate about educating our future generations to protect nature and species for the future, as well as working hard to raise awareness and campaigning of any local issues regards to damaging environments and habitats for our wildlife.

Awards & Recognition
Scott picked up his first awards in the Summer of 2014 and continued the success into the winter picking up more awards in November 2014 & throughout 2015, winning 8 trophies, along with many individual images been awarded through exhibitions and club events.

Stay up to date
To keep up to date with Scott’s latest news, articles about wildlife and photography tips, please read our blog, alternatively he has active Facebook, Flickr and Twitter accounts.

Wildlife photography hides, workshops & holiday’s

The UK’s leading wildlife photography company providing Wildlife photography holidays & workshops throughout the uk & worldwide.

Scott’s aim is to provide the opportunity for everyone from complete beginners to professionals to experience the beauty of natural history throughout the UK and worldwide.

All of Scott’s holidays and photo days are very carefully designed to place you in front of the best photographic opportunities. We believe the images that you will achieve from our hearted, professional and fun approach will be well worth your time with us.

Our Approach

Wildlife & Nature photography requires many skills, beyond having ‘good’ camera equipment. We are passionate about the statement “The eye takes a photograph, not the camera”and believe that any equipment will still capture amazing moments, whether your using top of the tier equipment or a budget compact.

These skills are what our leaders share and pass on when you join any tour or workshop. The skills of field craft, reading light, been creative and learning an ethical approach to wildlife photography, are important to gaining beautiful moments within our natural world.

All of our holidays and photo days are very carefully designed to place you in front of the best photographic opportunities. We believe the images that you will achieve from our hearted, professional and fun approach will be well worth your time with us.

Our Ethics

We are passionate about conservation and take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. For us welfare of wildlife and habitats will always be the number one priority.

We have developed a policy for environmental change, which allows us to give back to nature and the environment in several ways:

  • We volunteer education programs for schools, to teach the importance of conservation for the future, and getting our younger generation to be passionate about saving our planet.
  • We regularly donate to climate change and conservation projects.
  • On the majority of our tours, we use community-based accommodation, focusing on income, which is then spent on the local villages for vital equipment, such as farming tools, schools and water pumps, along with important income for protection of species we focus on during the trip.


Take a look at Scott’s recent portfolio collections and projects from around the UK and worldwide.

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