Tour Dates: 2/3 Days | FLEXIBLE DATES (Please email info@wildexposures.co.uk to check if your requires dates are required.)
 Staffordshire, UK
Leaders:  Scott Latham
Group Size : 3 Max
BOOKING DATES: Please email info@wildexposures.co.uk to check if your requires dates are required.

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Wildlife Photo Break

This mini wildlife photography break to the beautiful Staffordshire is available on a flexible date offering.

Join us on an memorable trip photographing, and watching Staffordshire’s natural beauty, spending time in our Log Cabin Reflection Pool hide and exploring the wilderness of Cannock Chase and the wildlife it has to offer. In the evenings we have the opportunity to work on our post processing techniques. The trip includes an overnight stay in a beautiful 1700’s farm house overlooking it’s stunning surroundings.

*Add an additional 2nd night and 3rd day to the trip and visit the endangered Barbary Macaques and learn about the project of reintroduction to the wild of these amazing primates.

Cost Includes: Bed & Breakfast fees, transportation, guide costs, plus any entrance fees.
Cost Excludes: Flights/Travel to Staffordshire, sundry items, meals, drinks, tips and travel insurance.

Tour Highlights

Day 1: Arrive in Staffordshire and spend the day in the Reflection Pool Hide, In the evening we’ll look at our post processing of the days images. Overnight Stay at Longdon Old Hall.
Day 2: Early morning, driving to Cannock Chase and various locations within this AONB & SSSI to capture as many species as possible.

Additional Day 3: (Day 2 B&B included) We visit the Barbary Macaque reintroduction programme near Stoke on Trent, where by we’ll have access to the primates inside the enclosure, whilst learning about these seriously endangered animals.

Additional Information

Reflection Pool Hide

Our Brand new reflection pool hide boasts a comfortable experience for your days photography. The hide is a custom build 14ft x 6ft log cabin for 4 people, with mirrored glass viewing area and WWS Snoot’s for lenses, giving brilliant viewing without having to photograph through glass, comfy executive office chairs and plenty of space. A Packed Lunch & Coffee and Tea facilities are included in your hide fee with bean bags & gimbal head plates (3/8″ thread) also provided.

The hide caters for a variety of species from woodland birds, raptors, owls and even a heron. Kingfishers and Little Owl are seen regular in the area too. A easy changeable perch system and infinity reflection pool are also in situ, all set in stunning surroundings of the Staffordshire countryside.

Cannock Chase AONB

Cannock Chase is the heart of Staffordshire. At 26sq miles it comprises a mixture of natural deciduous woodland, coniferous plantations, open heathland and the remains of early industry, such as coal mining. The landscape owes much to the underlying Triassic bunter formations. Cannock Chase was designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on 16 September 1958 and is the smallest area so designated in mainland Britain. Much of the area is also designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). Despite being relatively small in area, the chase provides a remarkable range of landscape and wildlife, including a herd of around 800 fallow deer, a huge population of Red Deer and a number of rare and endangered birds, including migrant nightjars, and also attracts many species, including brambling, yellowhammer and redstart. We can also expect to see foxes, badger, dragonfly, frogs, toads, and waterfowl along the sites we visit, as well as many other wildlife species.

Barbary Macaques & Conservation

Barbary macaques are classified as endangered on the IUCN Red list, with around just 6-8000 left in the wild, and can be found throughout the Atlas Mountains. The Barbary Macaques is the only species of Macaque found outside of Asia.

Project commitments
The Monkey Forest project is strongly committed to the protection of the species by:

  • Raising public awareness of the need to protect the species by giving people the opportunity to observe the Barbary macaques in a setting very similar to their natural habitat,
  • Developing educational information on the monkeys,
  • Creating and preserving an invaluable genetic pool with the population in the park and strengthening the wild populations by re-introducing entire groups of monkeys.

Raising awareness
One of the main aims of our trip to the macaques is to raise public awareness on the plight of the Barbary macaques. The Project want to welcome visitors to Monkey Forest and give them information on this endangered species so they leave the park, not only having had a great day out, but also an awareness of how they can help this endangered species.

Re-introduction to the wild
Over 600 Barbary macaques (from three sister parks) have already been successfully re-introduced into their natural habitat in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, this is the long term goal for the project.


Longdon Old Hall Farm, is set within 200 acres of working farmland in rural Staffordshire. Located just off the A51 in a picturesque location between Lichfield & Rugeley. This old farm house, built in the 1700’s is a beautiful experience, with an amazing breakfast and A* host.